Turn to Our Firm for Trademark Law Services

Turn to Our Firm for Trademark Law Services

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Are you interested in registering for a trademark? Partner with the trademark lawyer at Law Offices of David A. Weinstein, P.C. Our firm provides trademark law services in Hicksville, NY and Freehold, NJ. Attorney David A. Weinstein can help determine the validity of a trademark and the risk of infringement through detailed, multifaceted analysis. You can trust him to help you form and defend your trademark.

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A note on the purpose and use of trademarks

Understanding trademarks is an essential first step before establishing your own. Trademarks are distinctive words, phrases or designs that differentiate one business from another. They are used to protect a company's intellectual property and build brand recognition among customers. Establishing a trademark is also a great way to prevent other businesses from benefitting from your reputation or ideas.

You must use your trademark properly to maintain the rights. This means that you should only use it with specific goods or services. You'll also want to monitor the marketplace to ensure other businesses aren't infringing on your trademark.

To take advantage of a trademark's protection, you must register for one. This step will help keep other business owners from claiming it first and offer legal protection.

If you need help registering for a trademark or believe a company has infringed on your trademark, call us right away. We'll set up a time to discuss trademark law and how it pertains to you.