Make Sure Your Intellectual Property Is Protected

Make Sure Your Intellectual Property Is Protected

Consult our intellectual property law firm in Freehold, NJ

You worked hard to turn your creative idea into a successful business. Don't let people take advantage of you by stealing your best ideas. Team up with an intellectual property attorney from the Law Offices of David A. Weinstein, P.C. to protect your work.

Our intellectual property law firm can walk you through the legal steps you need to take to protect your logo, name or software. If someone does violate your rights, we'll help you pursue legal action to enforce your ownership. Schedule a consultation with our intellectual property attorney in Freehold, NJ today.

Why you should choose us

Attorney Weinstein isn't just knowledgeable in the area of intellectual property law. He also has extensive personal experience and has been...

  • On the board of directors for a software development company
  • The general counsel for both a publicly and a privately traded tech company
  • The owner of a tech consulting company for 20 years

He's also an active programmer who is familiar with 22 computer languages, so you can rest assured that he understands your situation. Hire an attorney you can depend on by contacting us today.