David has been very helpful and very knowledgeable of everything that I needed he's not only a great finance lawyer he's also very friendly and he was able to take care everything I needed with very minimum cost. Thank you so much David!

*Helpful and very knowledgeable*

David has been absolutely great! He is very professional, reliable and proactive in all aspects of my case. I HIGHLY recommend him for all or any of your legal issues.

*Professional, reliable, and proactive*

Any words of praise or gratitude that I share regarding David will never be enough. Not only is he knowledgeable, but his ability to find solutions to any problem is incomparable. And if there's something he can't do himself, he'll refer you to a reputable professional contact to get it done. David eradicated every ounce of stress I had with a very taxing legal situation I found myself in. And he is ALWAYS available for me by text, email or phone call. If you need a lawyer, you need David Weinstein. Thank you, David!

*Eradicated every ounce of stress*

So many lawyers just seem to talk and argue: David is different: he listens and makes sure that he completely understands the issues, points of view and challenges your are facing with your legal issues. His advice is right on the mark bringing vast experience to help resolve your situation. Even more so he has a network of litigators and colleagues that fill any gaps you might need. The true test: would I use him again? Absolutely! Do I recommend him? YES (and have done to to two companies both of which have engaged him) He does much more than business formation.

*David is different*

David has been extremely helpful in steering us in the right direction regarding our businesses and investments. He is very fair, has the best interest of his clients and is very knowledgeable in business law. He will be our go to lawyer moving forward. Thank you so much David for all of your help.

*Go-to lawyer moving forward*

Attorney David A. Weinstein has been the counsel for our business for over 10 years. During this time we have found him to be on the cutting edge of all new business legislation that affects our incorporation. Any legal problems that have arisen during this time he has taken care of both efficiently & effectively. We would whole heartily recommend his services to any business or individual seeking legal help as he will give you the most current legal counsel you are seeking.


David is a man of integrity, vast experience who has an exceptional knowledge of the law. He possesses impeccable ethics and an unparalleled work ethic make him an outstanding attorney who is capable, meticulous, and diligent. He is a straight-talker who will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know. His calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional help to me when I needed it most. I am very grateful for his service and I highly recommend David without reservation and feel fortunate to have hired the perfect attorney for any and all legal guidance relating to my business.

"Rare in this day and age..."

I hired David to navigate my group thru our health care operations. I quickly learned what a true lawyer will do. His billing was more than fair. His knowledge is beyond critique and he is always looking to know more. David saved me from personal financial ruin by forcing me to set realistic boundaries as to what to expect from my business investment. When my wife's was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease, he stopped the clock and talked to me as a fellow father as to what I needed to concentrate on, His gift to understand healthcare law has stumped larger law firms with his depth of knowledge and his ability to explain it. When I applied for a USDA loan. He was immediately accepted by the USDA and I was told that he was "the smartest guy in the room."

"Smartest guy in the room"

I had worked with David on a mutual client's business affairs. I was so impressed with his professionalism and knowledge that he now handles my company's legal matters.

"So impressed with his professionalism..."

As a owner of a few small businesses I often have a wide variety of legal questions/problems. Having David as my business lawyer is priceless to me. He has solved many legal questions/problems often with just a phone call or letter. Also I find that in today's internet world having a lawyer that specializes in internet law is a huge leg up. The best part of having David as my business attorney is that I never have to worry about getting nickel or dimed bc he only charges for real work not every little thing like some attorneys I dealt with in the past.

"When only the absolute best will do, he is your guy!"

From day one, David was very receptive to and truly understood the nature of the business and what is needed legally. Other attorneys seem to tend to pickup some great encyclopedia of the law and quote it to you. Yes, thank you, we can read as well. What we needed is someone who understand how the business works, someone who is able to pick up on the little nuances that are important to business' survival and help with navigating the waters (so to speak) in the litigious world. We had a great product and a service but were very lacking in legal know-how. Once David entered into the picture, he successfully defended our company from litigious competitors and his hands-on real-life experience in copyright matters proved invaluable. I would definitely recommend David to anyone who suddenly realizes that business is more than just a great product, service, and customers.

"An excellent lawyer"

David Weinstein helped us though a very difficult time when my in laws passed away. He walked us through all the steps we needed to take to clear up their estate. He was honest, always got back to us in a timely manner and kept us up to date. It was pleasure to work with such an honest man. We highly recommend him.

"Trusted and dedicated"

We have hired David to be the counsel for our firm and couldn't be happier. He is extremely knowledgeable in this space, smart and will go above and beyond to protect your best interest. David is very approachable and down to earth.
Glad to have him on our team!!

"Protect your best interest"

We were being pursued by multiple secured, unsecured, and judgment creditors. It's hard to find an attorney that will come up with creative legal solutions to complex situations -- most will just go through the process of filing boilerplate motions, responses, etc. David's approach of picking up the phone and negotiating hard with the opposing party ultimately saved us more than $50,000 versus taking it to court or paying out in full. Furthermore, many of these disputes were closed out in a matter of weeks instead of having drawn out court proceedings. He's also up-to-speed with texting clients, using Dropbox, Google Drive, etc which makes it much easier to collaborate.

"Creative legal solutions to complex situations"

David Weinstein is an exceptional lawyer. As a first-time business owner, he helped guide me through intricacies of opening and running a business. David is down to earth, very easy to talk to, and always there ready to help. He is the one you need by your side to avoid potential problems and help you make the right decisions. Highly recommended!

"Exceptional Lawyer"


I have worked with Dave on numerous matters and all I can say is that the man is the NJ business law guru! There is simply almost nothing he does not know. He is professional, knowledgable and dedicated.

Business Attorney

Relationship: Worked together on matter

David is at the top of his game! When I had a personal business matter that needed to be handled, David was my go to guy. He met with us, went over all the possibilities and accurately and completely handled our matter. He has my highest recommendation!

DUI and DWI Attorney

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

David is very knowledgeable, hard working and tenacious. We met as adversaries in a business litigation case. We worked through the issues and he ended up as a respected colleague. I readily endorse him.

Personal injury Attorney

Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter

I wholeheartedly endorse David, based on his strong capabilities in the areas of contracts and business law. I have found him to be well-prepared, effective and focused on the client's needs and objectives. He is professional, personable and brings a considerable depth of experience to a wide variety of matters.

Environmental and natural resources Attorney

Relationship: Worked together on matter

I endorse David. I have worked closely with him in federal court cases and know that he is a seasoned civil litigator. He very much cares about and works hard for his clients to obtain successful results. I also know he is highly skilled in contract matters.

Immigration Attorney

Relationship: Worked together on matter

My firm has worked with David on several matters. He is a true expert in his area. Moreover, he is a pleasure to deal with. He is passionate about his work, detail oriented and relentless. I wholeheartedly endorse him.

Criminal defense Attorney

Relationship: Worked together on matter

David Weinstein is an honest, experienced, and well respected member of his community.

Elder law Attorney

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

David is a wonderful attorney. He is outstanding at issue spotting early on in cases and coming up with strategies that save his clients money. A true asset to his profession.

Elder law Attorney

Relationship: Worked together on matter

I have worked with David from 2000 to 2015. I found him to be one of the best legal minds I have had the pleasure of associating with in my 40 years of my executive management career including taking two companies public. In 2015 I though the needs of my company would be better suited to move to a large law firm with more talent and resources that better aligned with my new company's needs. I was very wrong. I did not get the personal attention, in-depth knowledge or shear dedication to representing my company and myself in the same manner as I experienced with David. His attention to detail far surpassed the "Big Guys"! I was extremely happy to re-engage with David just recently. David has the kind of mind and intuition that, when you ask for something specific, he thinks it though and recommends all option, all positioning to the point that makes him an invaluable resource to our company. How many CEO's can say that about their law firm? I would highly recommend David to any size organization. Don't let the size of his firm fool you. David has a network of resources, realistically priced, that can help in virtually any legal matter.

CEO Stratus Interoperable

Relationship: Worked together on matter