How do I get certified to be a Woman Owned Business in New York?

To get certified to be a State of New York Woman Owned Business, you must complete a separate application for the State of New York. This is independent of any certification you may have from any other State or Federal Government. By being a certified New York Woman Owned Business, this will qualify your Company for various contracts which our set aside by the State of New York, and you will receive a great advantage when applying for New York State

Under New York Law the Definition of a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) is a business enterprise in which at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the business is owned, operated and controlled by citizens or permanent resident aliens who are women. In general, to qualify for New York State certification as a women-owned business enterprise (WBE), a Company must successfully demonstrate the following through the production of relevant documentation:
Ownership, Operation and Control of the business by a woman; The Personal Net Worth of each woman owner cannot exceed $3.5 Million; For each woman owner upon which certification is based, they must provide current Personal and Business Federal and State Tax Returns The Company must not employ more than 300 individuals. The Company must operate independently of other firms, must demonstrate it is an active business and generally, the business must be in operation for at least one year. Assuming you meet the above criteria and have completed the above forms, you can then apply to be a New York State Woman Owned Business.You can try to complete this process online yourself, but it is a difficult process. I would therefore highly recommend you seek the assistance of an attorney skilled in getting businesses certified as a Woman Owned Business in New York. If you need help with becoming certified as a New York Woman Owned Business, feel free to call me at 732-792-3397 or via email at david@.

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