Don't let debt hold your business back

Contact an attorney experienced in providing businesses with debt settlement relief in Freehold, NJ & Hicksville, NY

Due to reasons out of your control, your business has unfortunately gotten behind with bills and does not seem to be able to catch up. The answer is not always to file bankruptcy, as Chapter 11 bankruptcies can be very costly and often gain you nothing more than what can be negotiated directly by a debt settlement attorney, who is knowledgeable in providing your business with debt settlement relief.

Our law firm has helped many businesses get back on track, negotiate substantial discounts on amounts due and owing to creditors, and assist them in rebuilding their businesses. We have done this using a proven method that is cost effective to you as a business owner and successful in getting your business back to where it should be.

Some of the services we provide to assist you are:

1.Eliminate harassing calls from collection agencies and attorneys; with your creditors to reduce your overall debt;
3.restructure the payment of your debt so that you can afford to pay it; you avoid bankruptcy due to bad debt; and you restructure your business, so it is more profitable and to assist you in preventing your business from getting into financial trouble in the future.

Contact our lawyer David Weinstein to get your business back on track and being the successful business you know it can be.